Artist Statement
Témoigner, informer, illustrer.
Presse, édition, et communication.

Archives photo de Xavier Delaporte, photographe indépendant pour la presse, la communication et la publicité. Basé dans le sud de la France, je travaille sur tout le territoire national et même beaucoup plus loin.
Photographe de presse, photographie éditoriale, photographe de publicité.

Welcome to the online archive of Xavier Delaporte Photographie, featuring the works of freelance  photographer Xavier Delaporte.  My images are available to purchase for editorial and commercial usage dependent on the image.

If you would like to use Xavier Delaporte as your official photographers or wish to hire him, please feel free to email for information and rates or contact the photographer for the complete stories.

press, publishing, advertising
photography, images, photos, reports
Xavier Delaporte Photographie
Xavier Delaporte, the story of a life.

Child curious about everything, the photography could only cross its road, it made him at the dawn of the adolescence.

His first photos, images taken through the windows of a bus, images rather curious about "wild" animals with for decoration the reflection of the children in windows. His first photos already told a history that of the day not as the others …

The experiment of the black and the white came. A long period which left him the memory of very formative but endless hours in the black of the lab. Some beautiful images but difficult for him to go out of it of really narrative series.

Wasted by another passion, the automobile, he will stop the photography. But, as an old disease, the virus returned.

The opportunity to participate in the organization of the fringe festival of the International matches of the photography will incite him to follow evening classes of the graduate school of the Photography

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